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Chart formats and ballpark pricing for typical pop-form song

Click  in each chart type for an example of the format

Rhythm chart with detailed rhythm notation and some “arrangement-defining” figures or parts $80-100



Vocal chart  with lyrics and all vocal parts notated; includes basic chord symbols for rehearsal purposes Vocal Chart $80-100



Combined rhythm/vocal chart including all the above; usually split into two staves $120-160



Individual or auxiliary parts (each) i.e. a note-for-note bass transcription that corresponds to the rhythm chart or an original cello part that enhances the rhythm section $40-60





Lead sheets


basic melody/lead line with chord symbols $80-100



Guitar charts+ a unique approach to the basic lyric and chord symbol chart; more accurate and musically-informed than the average free download $30



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Music Transcription pricing varies according to type of sheet music requested.